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Word Search Maker

Create your own custom word search worksheets! A variety of options are available including font size, font style, lowercase or uppercase letters, grid shape, word placement, and more.

Experiment with the settings below to find the best results for printing. You may also need to adjust your browser's page setup (change margins, header/footer, or switch to landscape/portrait mode), then go to 'Print Preview' before printing. These options are under your browser's File menu. Landscape mode works best for many puzzles. Also, set your margins to 0.5" or less.

Before you create your puzzle, you might also want to highlight your word list and press Ctrl+C to keep a copy of it on your computer's clipboard. That way, if you need to come back and change settings, you can paste the words into the blank by pressing Ctrl+V. Otherwise you'll have to re-type them. (These shortcut commands work on Windows systems.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are concerned about inappropriate words in the randomized letters, be sure to proofread before handing out to students.

Title of puzzle (Optional, up to 35 letters and numbers only)

Word List

Choose your own words...
(Separated by commas, spaces, or one per line)

Number of words to pick at random from your list (leave blank to use all)
OR use an existing word list...
Word list
Number of words to pick at random from this list (cannot be left blank if using an existing word list) (100 max.)
Placement of word list:
Hide word list
Sort word list alphabetically
Rows ( 5 - 50 )
Columns ( 5 - 50 )
Grid styles
Font style
Font case
Font Size (Default is 5.0 ) mm

Word placement:

Save settings
This will save all your settings when you press Create Puzzle. (Cookies required)
  • Letters only.
  • Duplicate words are removed.
  • Words must be at least 2 letters, and no more than 15 letters.
  • Words will be skipped if it can't find room for in the grid. Refresh the page to see a new look of the grid.

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